Hong Kong Auskick is an Australian Rules Football program for boys and girls from 4 to 12 years old, catering to all skill levels and highly compatible with any football background.   In conjunction with the Auskick program, AFL Hong Kong Juniors participate in further training & development and also have the opportunity to play games in age groups up to U15.  As added benefits, the programs provide the opportunity for parents to learn about the game, make new friends in Hong Kong and participate in the sport with your kids.

The 2018 HK season will run from late April to early September 2018, with reduced Summer Sessions throughout most of July.

What’s planned for 2018…

Following our hugely successful tours to Shanghai and Melbourne last year, we have a blockbuster schedule organised for our HK players in 2018!  We are planning a tour to Singapore on the weekend of 25-27 May 2018 as our annual exchange event with the Singapore Sharks Junior Football Club.  We are also again offering the chance to participate in an Auskick Rules game at half-time of an AFL match in Melbourne on 14 July 2018.  Other exciting initiatives for local events are on the agenda as well.

Who we are…



LANTAU LIZARDS – Saturday Mornings @ DB NORTH PITCH. lantaulizardsfc@gmail.com

SANDY BAY SCORPIONS – Sunday Mornings @ HKU STANLEY HO SPORTS POKFULAM.  hk.scorpions.fc@gmail.com 

HONG KONG TYPHOONS – Saturday Mornings @ HAPPY VALLEY RECREATION GROUND (subject to ground bookings).     hk.typhoons.fc@gmail.com  

HONG KONG UNDER 15’s –  The Under 15’s Combine training is held on Friday evenings (generally in Happy Valley, subject to ground bookings) with a series of hotly contested Friday night games also featured.  

Following on from the success of our all-girls’ Cobras and Scorpions teams in 2017, we plan to promote our own HK Auskick Girls (HK AFLW) competition this year.  Girls love Auskick for the same reasons boys do – it’s great fun, they love playing with their friends and being part of a team and they love kicking goals!!!  We know that some of our girls enjoy playing in their age-group with boys and they can certainly continue to do so.  For those who prefer to be in a girls-only group, this will provide a fantastic opportunity to learn about footy and have fun.  Please encourage your daughters and their friends to join up!

There is a big year in front of us, so get registered and let’s bring on the footy!!!

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