What ages can play Auskick?

Players can start Auskick at the start of the season during which they have their 5th birthday.  Boys and girls can participate from ages 4 through to 14 and our age group teams are based on a player’s age on 1 January prior to the season start.

How long does each session run for?

Sessions will vary on their length depending on various factors such as temperature, but generally an Auskick session will run for 90 minutes in duration.

Who delivers the Auskick program?

Each Auskick Club in Hong Kong has a committee made of of volunteer parents who shoulder the bulk of the load for our adminstration, sessions and community events. Each age group will have a main coach and helper coaches. All parents are encouraged to get involved in the AFL Auskick programme and no experience is necessary.

What can I expect at an Auskick session?

An example of what you can expect at a typical Auskick session includes:
– Introduction
– Warm up games/activities
– Skills i.e. Kicking, marking, handballing, bouncing
– Grid/modified game
– Encouragement from coaches and new friends

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