Before You Register – 2017 Sizing Guide

For each player registering during the Early Registration period you will need to enter the AFL Jumper size, Shorts size and Socks size. Please note that as the Early Registration period is now closed we will not be able to print the name on the jumper at time of production

Lets start with the easy thing first.. Hats come in only two sizes: kids and adults, and each Player and Club Coach will receive one. Bags will also come in a new style this year, and each player will receive one.

This year, Socks will come in 3 sizes: XXS (UK Child 9 -12), MED (UK 2 – 7) and LARGE (UK 7 – 11). Please note that based on player and parent feedback, in 2017 we are producing a single length “ankle sock” style for each club.  Most clubs have a small amount of remaining stock of medium and traditional long Aussie footy sock styles from the previous 2 seasons, so if you are a keen traditionalist, please enquire at your club early in the season.

AFL Jumpers and Shorts – Sizing remains the same as 2016

Sizing sports gear for kids seems fraught with danger (especially for the bloke that is writing this guide). You can take a look at the AFL official shop sizing charts here to see the range of sizes and different measures used by different manufacturers.

The measurements in our sizing table are the Actual Garment Measurements from our manufacturer BrandHK / Iron, not the measurement of the child.  You are advised to add 5 – 10cm to the measured body size to arrive at the Actual Garment Measurement.   However, Australian Rules / AFL jumpers are typically worn as a tighter fit than a normal top or t-shirt. note on the AFL size charts that an AFL kids jumper is 5cm smaller than for an official AFL t-shirt.

We strongly suggest you base your sizing on the Chest and Waist measurements of the child and the Actual Garment Measurements. Don’t try to go by the size labels (XS, JS, Youth Small, 8, 10 etc) as it seems every manufacturer, including ours, does something slightly different.

For returning players, sizes remain the same as 2016 (see below) except for an improvement in the material and cut of the shorts that should make them more comfortable and performant than 2016. For 2017 we are making the jumpers the same length as 2016.


Coaches and Supporters Tops and Shorts

Club Coaches will receive new Tops and Shorts for 2017. Shorts will have the material and cut improved for comfort. Please note the sizing in the table is again Actual Garment Measurement and most dads should adopt the loose fit style. Based on 2016 experiences, if in doubt, go one size bigger.

Club Coach Tops and Club Supporter Tops will both be available in a Ladies Cut this year. Please elect this option to your Club representative at time of ordering.